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Dog Training Techniques

When it comes to dogs, they are known to provide friendship and love that is very unconditional to a caring owner. With a well-trained dog, it tends to increase one’s satisfaction as well as pleasures. When it comes to training dogs, with proper techniques, they always learn much faster. However, there are different techniques that an individual can always use when it comes to training their dogs. For the sit command, it is known to be one of the most basic and even common commands, which one can teach their dog. It also works perfectly when one uses a treat as a reward for the good behavior the dog haves during most of the training. One needs to ensure that they have a leash attached to their dogs’ collar for it to hold the dog steadily. With this, one gets to show their dog the treat as they hold it over their head for them to look up as one says sit. With time, as one gets to hold the treat over the dog, they automatically sit. The second command to train a dog is a lie-down command.

This is mostly done especially when the dog has already mastered the sit command. For this command, a treat is also used to train it. The first thing that one gets to do is asking the dog to sit as one holds the treat in their hand and gets to bring it in front of him, but very close to the floor. One should at times place their other hand on the dog’s shoulders as they gently press down for it to acquire the command of a lie-down. When the dog has mastered the technique, one needs to ensure they are keen on the tone they are using on the dog to let them know that one is pleased with their response to the command. This is because voice inflection matters a lot when one is training the dog. This means that having a happier voice when the dog has mastered the skill gives it an awareness of it doing the right thing and even gets to be celebrated.

For the stay command, one should ensure that they choose an appropriate time of the day for them to begin working on their dog. One needs to ensure that they are aware of when their dog is displaying a temperament and relaxed mellow. For this training to start, one has to ensure that their dog is on the sit or lie down command. Immediately the dog is on the sit or lies down command, one should mention the word stay and ensure that they hold their hand up trying to signal someone to stop. One should ensure that they praise the dog on this for it to be aware it has to stay. Once he gets the idea, one should make sure that they increase the amount of time it stayed the first time for it to be aware. It is also important for the family members to ensure that they use the same commands on the dog for it to become used to them. The training sessions should always be associated with having fun for the dog as it also gets to play.

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