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happy birthday

Published on June 28, 2010

traditionally its the person having the birthday who is meant to receive the gifts but today i’m giving them.

i’ve been posting a demo every week to my facebook page since the start of 2010 – i started doing it as a discipline thing, a project to force me to find time to make music at least once a week, and to post the results whatever they may be to whoever might be interested. i haven’t quite had the discipline to stick to it every week, but i’ve ended up with lots of interesting bits and pieces. some might end up on the next faux pas album, some are works in progress, bits of remixes i’m working on for bands, random things.

there are 12 so far, and you can find them all on my facebook page if you go searching for them. but as a gift to my handful of hardy blog readers (hi mum) i’ve bundled a few of them together in a soundcloud widget for you to check out below. get a vibe:

NEWWOKS – things i am working on at the moment by iamfauxpas

i’ve also posted a set of my remixes on my soundcloud, along with a few tracks from “noiseworks” – which i should add, is still available from the faux pas store.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Why don’t you come out of that bomb shelter you call a studio and tour. I’ll put you up in Ottawa. I’ll find you a woman you can seduce on my futon.

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