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to and fro on 3RRR

Published on August 21, 2007

something that i’ve completely neglected to mention in the last couple of weeks is that via a fortuitous and confusing chain of events, a friend and i have started a weekly radio show on melbourne’s esteemed community radio institution 3RRR.

the show is called “to and fro” and we play lots of different things. check the website for our playlists. the show airs on tuesday nights – thats tonight – from midnight til 2AM on 102.7 FM. if you are not in melbourne, you can stream it online here.


  1. haha, neglected to mention. too many amazing things in your life perhaps to remark on something so comparatively unremarkable

  2. Oh and congratulations Tim – as a once loyal (Sydney makes it difficult) RRR listener I applaud. I think I still miss the Saturday arvo staple Cheese Shop Live with Dave Taranto and audience regular “bandicoot man”. Ah the olden days. I’m interested to see Best of the Brat still exists too; that show is ancient.

  3. Tim says:

    our show actually follows best of the brat, they are still celebrity rooting with the best of them. and they still get naked every year for the radiothon – i can now confirm this first hand

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